Monday, May 25, 2009

A mornings wake...

There's nothing quite like the affections of a canine, nor the ritual of a mornings wake. Today, not unlike any other, was first started waking in bed to a bath of facial kisses from both Pea and Chap. IT's been long in my past since I have had the pleasure of being lovingly mauled in this way. These small creatures can find every cranny or hole in my unworthy defense and break through with tongue lapping away at anything and everything that it finds. Their teamwork is relentless as they pounce round my head, my ears have never been so clean. What point is there for arms when they provide nothing but protection from one dog as the other finds its pointed path to my head or neck as one target seems good as another. There are points in time that I feel that I'm drowning as the licking attack continues from the two. Pea finds her spot as I've tightly folded my arms and lying still in the bed on my side. She slides herself into my chest and stretches long through my arms and presses her head up to my chin. Young Chap comes behind, burrowing in like a bull driving his head through the matador's cape, wedging himself along side of Pea. For a moment, their happiness is mine and mine is theirs as we lay bunched up for a restful breath of air.

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